Font Pairing is an essential part for any website/SaaS project. Choosing the right font pair ensures that your users have the best experience using your app.

Even-though choosing the right font combination may be difficult, we can definitely take inspiration from some of the popular Indie makers/SaaS Founders who have built some successful projects.

Here are 10 Best Font combinations SaaS Founders and Indie Makers love to use on their SaaS Projects:

1. Inter

Inter seems to be the favorite font among Indie Creators. Some of the popular Indie Creators/SaaS Founders like Traf, Adrian Twarog, Damon Chen, Kilian Poulin and Jim Raptis use Inter on their projects.

Inter font used in Typedream

Use Case: , Typedream , , , , Brandbird , ,

Best Paired with: Inter(700), Inter(500), Karla

Source: Inter

2. Lato

Lato is sans-serif font. Since they easily readable, it is best suitable to use on projects with a focus on content creation like blogs. Founders like Karthik Sridharan and Noah Bragg use Lato on their projects.

Lato font used in Flexiple

Use Case: Flexiple , Potion

Best Paired with: Lato (700), Lato (400), Helvetica

Source: Lato

3. Noto Serif

Noto Serif is one of the most beautiful looking serif font across the web. It is perfect for building a brand with a sense of authority and elegance. Founders like Simon Høiberg use Noto Serif on his projects.

Noto Serif used in FeedHive

Use Case: FeedHive

Best Paired with: Open Sans, Roboto

Source: Noto Serif

4. Archivo

Archivo is a sans-serif font that gives a kind of vintage feel to your projects. This font is best suitable for headings and landing pages. Founders like Yogini Bende use Archivo font on her projects.

Archivo used in PeerList

Use Case: PeerList

Best Paired with: Archivo (700), Archivo (300)

Source: Archivo

5. Aesthet Nova

Aesthet Nova is a display type font family. When used in Headings or Titles, It gives your website a classic feel. Founders like Utkarsh Bhimte use Aesthet Nova on his projects.

Aesthet Nova used in Noggin

Use Case:

Best Paired with: Erode (400)

Source: Aesthet Nova

6. Plus Jakarta Sans

Plus Jakarta Sans is a sans serif font, it gives a modern look to your app/website. Founders like Kenneth Cassel use Jakarta Sans on his projects.

Plus Jakarta Sans used in

Use Case:

Best Paired with: Plus Jakarta Text (400)

Source: Plus Jakarta Sans

7. Roboto

Roboto is a sans-serif font developed at Google as the system font for Android. Google uses this on their products like Android, YouTube, Google Maps and many other Google's services. Founders like Leo Bassam use Roboto on his projects.

Roboto used in Plutio

Use Case:

Best Paired with: Roboto (400), Lora, Rokkitt, Archivo

Source: Roboto

8. Poppins

Poppins is a Sans Serif font, it has been one of the popular choice for designers and developers. Founders like Mike Slaats use Poppins font on his projects.

Poppins used in Upvoty

Use Case: Upvoty

Best Paired with: Poppins (400), Archivo

Source: Poppins

9. DM Serif Display

DM Serif Display is a Serif font, it is intended for use at headings and titles. Founders like Moritz Dausinger use DM sans on his projects.

DM Serif Display used in

Use Case:

Best Paired with: Inter, DM Sans

Source: DM Serif Display

10. Work Sans

Work Sans is a Sans Serif font, it is a free, open-source font designed by Australian type designer Wei Huang. Founders and Indie Makers like Bhanu Teja P use Work Sans font on his projects.

Use Case:

Best Paired with: Work Sans (400)

Source: Work Sans

Most of the fonts mentioned here (except Asthet Nova) are Free and open source, you can use them on your Personal and Commercial projects. Refer to the source page before using them.