Greetings! So if you're here, then I presume you're a Carrd site owner (unless you just like reading tutorials, in which case I'm really flattered!) and you wondered how to set up Splitbee for your new Carrd website. Well, I'm glad you found this tutorial!, Splitbee is an analytics software that helps entrepreneurs and marketers analyze their business data and grow with no limits.

Every Carrd website comes with the option of integrating real-time analytics. The default integration service is Google Analytics, but you can easily change it to other available analytics solutions like Splitbee, Fathom Analytics, Plausible Analytics, Simple analytics, etc.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Integrate Splitbee Analytics on your Carrd website in 2 simple steps:

Copy the Analytics Code from Splitbee

After you Signup, Go to Splitbee Dashboard.

  • Create a New Project.
  • Copy the Analytics Code visible on top of the page.
Copy the Splitbee Analytics Script

Create a new Embed element in Carrd

In your Carrd editor, Click the + icon and choose the Embed element.

  • Set the Embed Type to Code and Style to Hidden, Head.
  • Paste the HTML code copied from your Splitbee Dashboard.
Paste Splitbee script in the Code section

I think it's important to point out that the inclusion of analytics in a static website is critical and something worth considering. Given the right analytics package, you will be able to track your site's performance and make decisions based on those results. You can find out where your users are coming from, what content they enjoy most, and how to improve the user experience for your visitors. This data is powerful stuff.

Hopefully, Splitbee can help you to boost your conversion rate and to improve and analyze your business data.