Do you want to use Crisp Chatbox widget on Carrd website? Crisp Chatbox widget is a feature-rich chat plugin that can be used in any kind of website such as cms, eCommerce and many more. The Crisp Chatbox widgets are built on the latest web technologies for providing responsive, sleek and stylish chat systems to meet your requirements. Crisp provides a responsive widget that gives you an interface to create a multi-user chatroom by using front-end tools even without coding.

You can easily set up Crisp chatbox widget on your Carrd website. Here is how you do it in two simple steps:

Copy the chatbox code from Crisp:

After you Signup, you'll receive the Chatbox widget code through email. If you haven't received it follow the steps to copy the Embed code

  1. From your Crisp dashboard, Go to Settings>Website Settings.
  2. If you haven't added a website, Click Add a new website.
  3. Click Integrations>HTML.
  4. Copy the HTML code.
Crisp Chatbox HTML Embed Code

Create a new Embed element in Carrd

In your Carrd editor, Click the + icon and choose the Embed element.

  • Set the Embed Type to Code and Style to Hidden, Head.
  • Paste the HTML code copied from Crisp in the Code Section.
Paste Crisp Embed Code in Carrd

I hope this step by step tutorial helped you successfully integrate the Crisp Chatbox widget into your Carrd website. Crisp Chatbox is a free, self-hosted plugin that lets you easily create a live chat room, and it's packed with useful features that will help you manage the chat room effectively.